In 1960 Glenfield Rovers commenced it’s humble beginnings as the “Chelsea Sugar Refinery” football team. It was then reformed under the guidance of Fons Scheirlinck and permitted to play Sunday football.

In 1961, Chelsea Association Football Club was formed from the refinery team and affiliated to the Auckland Football Association.

In 1963, Chelsea A.F.C. was renamed as Glenfield Rovers A.F.C. and moved to it’s current home today of McFetridge Park.

In 1998, Northcote Soccer Club who played at Onepoto Domain, joined Glenfield Rovers. The clubrooms that Northcote had, are now Northcote AFL’s clubrooms and they are still based at Onepoto Domain.

In 2020, the club put a amalgamation proposal to members, to merge with Forrest Hill Milford. The vote passed 86.5% in favor and the amalgamation between the two clubs began as the new, Northern Rovers FC.