Northern Rovers FC was formed in 2020, after the amalgamation of Forrest Hill Milford United and Glenfield Rovers.

“The formation of Northern Rovers is the dawn of an exciting new era for football on Auckland’s North Shore. The region has always been a hotbed of talent, so with the pooled resources and club capability that Northern Rovers has at its disposal, players will have every opportunity to truly realise their potential. Clubs with a clear and strong development pathway for the serious coach and player, are critical in allowing the highest levels of the game in New Zealand to thrive.”

Danny Hay, All Whites Head Coach

“The Members of Glenfield Rovers AFC and Forrest Hill Milford United have supported an attractive proposal to amalgamate and provide one stronger sustainable Club that can support all levels of football in the surrounding Wairau area. As a Federation, we are excited and very supportive of this innovative step to build a new Club for the current and next generations of players, coaches and supporters. Our congratulations to both Clubs.”

John Limna, Northern Football Federation CEO

"This is an exciting time for football on the North Shore! Two strong clubs becoming one, with goals of delivering better football for more members and at a higher level. Northern Rovers will be a force to be reckoned with, building on our great facilities, powerful culture and top results. Our long history will be the foundation of our plan, which sets us up for success, long-term. A huge thanks to our members for having their say and voting, it shows that the culture is strong in our membership. A thanks to Adrian and the team and Forrest Hill Milford, for working hard on this and a great outcome. A thanks to the federation for their support, the council and local boards for their support, and finally the football community for their support."

Cole Hinton, Glenfield Rovers Chairman

“We are naturally delighted with the outcome of Monday’s vote. We now have the opportunity to turn two good clubs into a football power-house on the North Shore - a club that can provide our players and coaches the opportunity and pathways to perform to the best of their ability in the sport they love and the chance to develop something that will be around for our grandchildren to enjoy. I’d like to thank our members for their support during this process and to thank the FHM Board for their efforts in getting the amalgamation over the line. I’d also like to thank Cole and his team for the manner in which they engaged with the FHM team - it was a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to working together again as we begin to build our new club”

Adrian Pickstock, Forrest Hill Milford Chairman