Head Coach:  Craig Alexander

We are excited to introduce Craig Alexander as the newly appointed head coach of our premier women's team. A well-respected figure in New Zealand's football circles, Alexander brings a wealth of experience and a rich coaching background to our squad. With a track record of success at various levels of the sport, including impressive stints at Glenfield Rovers and Auckland City, as well as providing guidance to the NZ U20's, Alexander is well-equipped to lead our team with a blend of tactical acumen and a deep understanding of the local football landscape. His passion for the game and commitment to player development is set to infuse our club with a renewed spirit as we embark on the journey towards success in the upcoming season.

Womens Football at Northern Rovers

At Northern Rovers, our passion for football extends beyond the pitch—it’s an integral part of our commitment to fostering a vibrant, inclusive sporting community. As we embrace the 2024 season, we wanted to highlight the opportunities and support we provide for our Prem Women footballers.

Our dedication to the women's game is extends well beyond Northern Rovers. Our club was formed from the merger of Forrest Hill Milford and Glenfield Rovers, and both Clubs have historically dominated the sport in Auckland. Our investment into the female game continues as evidenced by our substantial investments that ensure our female athletes can play without financial barriers. In 2024 all new junior and youth female players to the Club get a 50% discount off their annual subs, our female TPD programmes are 50% funded by the Club, and for our Prem Women players the annual subscriptions of $260 are waived, so our players can focus purely on their performance and love for the sport.

We believe in equipping our players for success. From head to toe, our Prem Women footballers are outfitted with top-notch training gear, including tracksuits, gear bags, and a full playing kit—no detail is overlooked. And when it comes to training, our women's teams enjoy equal access to our prime training grounds, asserting our commitment to gender parity in sports.

We’re also thrilled to announce our fantastic new player of the day sponsor for 2024, The Stoned Cow Cafe in Browns Bay. They join the Northern Rovers family with a generous perk: the prize of a $50 voucher for each game.

The Northern Rovers family extends its support on and off the turf. Travel costs for away games outside of Auckland are taken care of, ensuring our team remains focused on the game, not the expenses. And we also provide after-match food for all visiting teams from outside of Auckland playing at McFetridge.

The well-being of our Prem players is also paramount. Complimentary access to sports gym facilities at Roland Jefferies Physio, along with free pre-match massage and taping, ensures our athletes are in peak condition to play their best football.

The fans' cheering at our number one pitch await the home games. Playing on the club's premier field for all home games not only gives our players an excellent playing surface, but are fans also get to see all the games from the elevated club balcony, or the seated stand on the west side of the field.

Long-term player development is at the heart of our Youth Academy, which cultivates our emerging female talent. By creating clear pathways for progression into senior teams, we celebrate individual milestones while strengthening the overall team dynamics—all with an eye toward continued success on the field. Although our player pathways starts for 14 year girls, you will often find 12-13 year girls also starting on our development pathway. This funnel of developing talent is extremely important in providing players ready to joing Prem Women footbal lin Auckland.

At Northern Rovers, inclusivity isn't just a policy—it's our practice. Our nurturing environment values diversity and promotes an ethos of gender equality, ensuring all players feel respected and integral to the team.

Join us in celebrating our women’s football programme and the players, coaches, support staff, and fans who all take part.