Northern Rovers runs 2 pathway options from the U13 level onwards.

The first pathway is the community football pathway which allows players to continue playing with friends in a competitive local environment. 

The second Pathway is the NZF Talent Development Programme (TDP) which provides an aligned, coordinated approach to the development of high-potential youth footballers, aged 13-17 years. The programme aims to provide a challenging, structured programme for players in an enjoyable environment that maximises player development.

As the game progresses to a higher level of technical and tactical astuteness, the Northern Rovers FC Talent Development Programme is designed around principles of Long-Term Athlete Development for players wishing to reach their highest potential.

At Northern Rovers, each week of TDP will consist of three sessions designed holistically for players at a Game Training phase of learning. These sessions look to focus on applying football skills within a team environment by introducing the technical and tactical aspects required to both learn and succeed in a football environment.

Sessions will shift in size and nature to fit the players involved but will follow a structure outlined by our Director of Football, Paul Gothard.

All players training in our environment will work within the same playing style and philosophy, as we look to smooth their transition from First Kicks through to Junior, Youth, and Senior Football. Working with a number of technical advisors, the club aims to build players who can compete to the best of their ability – from social players who enjoy the game through to our most committed athletes competing in the domestic National League or on Scholarships and Professional Contracts overseas.

Players may switch between these 2 pathways as they travel along their football development journey.



TDP costs vary due to a number of factors which include but not limited to:

  • Number of players in squad
  • Qualification of the coaches
  • If there are any volunteer coaches


If you are interested in trialing for the NRFC Talent Development (TDP) Programme please contact:

BOYS AND GIRLS : Paul Gothard -