2024 Winter Season!

We welcome back for the 2024 season, and also hello to the new teams joining the Northern Rovers family for the first time! We're anticipating another big season from all our teams, and looking forward to seeing the action on the pitch (and hearing all about it in the Clubrooms afterwards).

Playing Senior Mens Football at Northern Rovers

Some of our Mens teams have been playing together for several decades, while others are a bit newer to the senior football scene. Regardless, Northern Rovers provides an excellent environment to get together with your mates, play some weekend football, and enjoy a relaxing drink after the game. The things that set us apart from other Clubs are;

(1) We enjoy an excellent relationship with the council and work hard to get your games scheduled for either McFetridge Park, or a nearby satellite ground.

(2) All teams get an assigned a training area once a week.

(2) Its easy access from the motorway, and there is lots of carparking at McFetridge Park which makes it easy to get to games or come back to the Clubrooms afterwards. Shower and changing facilities are available to all teams.

(3) A very busy fully licensed bar with member-friendly pricing across all beers, wines, and soft drinks. We have beer on tap, and available in bottles. There is lots of room with tables, bar leaners, and a huge outdoor deck overlooking the number one pitch.

(4) Our Club Manager works extremely hard to get every Senior team one game on our number one pitch, which may not be Wembley, but its a nice fast pitch with lots of room for all your fans to watch the action.

(5) Northern Rovers supply all teams with a playing shirt which is loaned out for the entire season.

(6) There is one central point of contact for all Senior teams at Northern Rovers ensuring you always get your questions answered, or you get pointed in the right direction.

Getting Registered

Registration is simple. Head along to our Registration Page, and complete your details. Select the option "Senior Football player" in the Age Group category. If you have an entire team to register, just ask that each member of the squad does this.

The registration fee for each team is $4,750. We request that your team manager collects this from the squad and makes a single payment for $4,750.

Within our membership CRM system we will group your players into a single team and register that team with Northern Region Football who will then handle getting your game schedule finalised for season.

The team fee of $4,750 includes all players getting a Northern Rovers playing shirt, a game ball, access to our Clubrooms after trainings and games, official player registration with Northern Region Football and New Zealand Football, and all the other benefits mentioned above.

2024 TEAMS

Lets take a quick look back at 2023 and re-live some of those memories.

Division 1 Men - Re-United

Division 5 Men - One Hit Wonders 

Division 8 Harbour Men - Craigs Ski Troopers

Division 9 Harbour Men - Mavericks

Division 10 Harbour Men - Wasted Potential

Masters Division 1 - Junior Bazzas

Masters Division 1 - Catimba

Masters Division 3 - Sultans of Schwing

Masters Division 3 - Rock

Masters Division 5 - Relics

Masters Division 6 - Roosters

Masters Division 7 - Mutineers

Masters Division 7 - Cobwebs

Masters Division 7 - Internationals

Masters Division 9 - One More Year