Empowering Young Girls to Shine in Football

Do you have a budding football enthusiast at home, or perhaps a young one curious about trying a new sport? At Northern Rovers FC, we're thrilled to introduce our latest initiative designed with young kiwi girls in mind - **Fantails**.

**Fantails** is more than just a football programme; it's a gateway to a world of fun, friendship, and personal growth through the beautiful game. Aimed at young females aged 4–12 years, our programme is specially created to welcome new players to football and futsal within a captivating and secure environment. And now, we're inviting girls aged 6-10 in Aotearoa New Zealand to join the fun!

Why Choose Fantails?

Boost Confidence: In our nurturing space, girls can express themselves freely, explore new possibilities, and build self-esteem through achievements and encouragement.

Fun and Enjoyment: Our sessions prioritise delight in learning! With imaginative and engaging activities, your child will fall in love with football and futsal.

Develop Life Skills: Beyond game skills, Fantails cultivates essential life lessons, including respect, positivity, and resilience against life's hurdles.

Friendships: New faces soon become fast friends at Fantails! We're passionate about fostering these meaningful connections among our young players.

Female Role Models: Inspiration abounds here, with strong female figures for girls to admire and emulate, supporting them to dream big both on and off the field.

Improve Skills & Movement: Through our programme, girls get to explore the 11+ Kids fundamental movements, enhancing their football skills and general physical fitness.

Sessions are gearing up to run through the year, with our very own Fantails hubs launching now. It's time for your young ones to lace up their boots, make new friends, and kickstart a journey of fun, learning, and growth.