Finals Day - Saturday 24th February 2024

Only a few days to go! The draw is now live (see button below) for you all to view. The draw has several placeholders currently until the final league games have been played on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday respectively. 

Finals Day Information

Finals Day Draw:

There will be a master copy of the draw on the day, and draws for each division put up in the clubrooms for teams to use. A number of Divisions have a final league game to be played on Saturday morning.  This means the Finals Day draw for these Divisions will show only placeholder information until we have the results from the First games of the day for both Wednesday and Thursday Competition. 

Game Rules/Times:

·       25 minute games, 12.5 minute halves 

·       No half time break 

·       5 minute turn around between games 

·       If knock out games are a draw, sudden death penalties, First one to miss, loses. 

·       Nothing else changes from standard rules 

·       All shirts must be the same!  This will be policed very strictly by the referees. 


Every game will have a trained qualified official. Treat them with respect and be patient. I can always understand competitiveness and even frustrations, but the referees will not take any abuse. If this does happen, the team will be removed immediately. 



Roland Jeffery Physio will be at the club from 9:30am and it is FREE OF CHARGE ALL DAY!


We will be located just inside the clubhouse. We will have the draw displayed as well as specific sections for each grade. We will update the game results at the end of each game for teams to view on the walls in the clubrooms.


Parking will be very limited on Saturday. Please either get there early or get a lift down. We can't control the council from towing anybody parked up on the grass. If you park illegally, it is at your own risk.  Anybody who parks in the cordon off zones, staff reserved and disabled parking will be towed. 


The kitchen will be open from 09:30 am and serve early into the evening. Bar will open from 9:30 am and open until late. 


Prizegiving will kick off at 7:00pm and run for no longer than an hour.  If you have won any prize throughout the year 1st & 2nd in the league and/or throughout the final’s day, you must have a team representative at the club to collect this.  If your team has won the league throughout the season but doesn't show up for finals day you will not be awarded your prize. It is a requirement that every team must compete in finals day.  Prize giving will be held in the clubrooms.


Please remember no playing boots in the clubhouse. The downstairs toilets are under repair.  Please use upstairs on changing room 4. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Have fun, and we look forward to seeing you on the day and finishing up another great season of Summer football.

Summer Sevens is run from a dedicated Cup Manager website. See all Summer Sevens draws, results and information here.